Quantum Void – Scooby Snack #2

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With 200mg of penis envy mushrooms per capsule, Quantum Void (Scooby Snack #2) is above the average microdose, resulting in elevated senses. Expect euphoric effects, increased energy and slight visual distortions. Suggested setting for scooby snacks include nature outings, camping, concerts, festivals and dancing, or simply amplifying a movie night at home. The more you take, the deeper into the quantum void you venture.

Penis envy (learn more about it here) is approximately double the strength of golden teachers, so one capsule feels more like 400mg.
10x 200mg capsules per bottle.

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About This Blend

This blend contains 200mg of penis envy mushrooms along with a combination of supplements targeted to increase energy and balance your experience. Other ingredients: 65mg Brazilian Ginseng, 65 mg Bee Pollen and 65 mg Spirulina.
Penis envy mushrooms are approximately double the strength of golden teachers. Read more about penis envy mushrooms here.

Scooby Snacks are capsules that contain a combination of magic mushrooms and supplements that provides a euphoric and energetic experience. Containing on average 300mg or more, they are considered to be above the sub-perceptual level for most.

Perfect for enhancing activities such as nature outings, camping, concerts, festivals and dancing or movie night at home OR a safe replacement for party substances such as alcohol and/or ecstasy.

Suggested Use

Start 1 capsule on an empty stomach and wait 2 hours before consuming more unless experienced with the product. Increase dosage as desired.It is not recommended to exceed a 6 capsules in a 24 hour period. Higher doses will result in a tolerance therefore this product is not recommended for routine microdosing or use more frequent than once weekly.


We advise caution if combining psilocybe (magic mushrooms) with any other substances. It is recommended to use this product in place of alcohol instead of in conjunction with. Cannabis may increase the strength of this product, dose with caution.


Select an ingredient to read more about it. *Denotes Certified Organic

Brazilian Ginseng (Wildcrafted)

Hebanthe eriantha, commonly known as “Suma” or “Suma Root” is a plant found throughout South America. Suma’s roots have been used in traditional medicine for centuries and have a wide variety of potential health benefits for the brain, immune, and digestive systems.  It also boosts energy, protects vital organs, increases hormone synthesis, and may even fight cancer.

Suma is an adaptogen, which means that it improves the body’s ability to cope with stress and provides resistance against diseases and various harmful biological and environmental factors.

Suma root may be a potent anti-cancer supplement.  However, in most of the studies, suma generally appears to slow down the rate of tumor growth, but not reverse or cure it altogether.  Therefore, while suma may help prevent cancer and slow its progression, it should not be mistaken for a cancer cure.

Ecdysteroids from Suma plant act like anabolic steroids, the hormones involved in building muscle. Ecdysteroids can enhance physical strength and athletic performance without the negative side effects associated with traditional steroids.

Bee Pollen*

Bee pollen provides a natural energy and vitamin boost. Full of vitamins, minerals proteins, lipids, carotenoids + bioflavonoids it has to offer, it is also used for its antibacterial, antifungal + antiviral properties.

Bee pollen can increase blood flow to the body’s nervous system, helping reduce stress.

It is high in bioflavonoids, which strengthen capillaries, protect against free radical damage and has anti-inflammatory effects.

Eating bee pollen may help reduce inflammation, support the immune system, as well as lower cholesterol naturally.

Researchers have found that bee pollen has very high antioxidant properties similar to those of fermented foods. Antioxidants keep people healthy by counteracting oxidants such as air pollution and cigarette smoke that can damage the body.



Spirulina is a blue-green algae, and is believed to be one of the oldest life forms on Earth.

First used by the Aztecs as an endurance-booster, spirulina is considered a superfood— an all-in-one source of nutrients. In studies, spirulina enhanced endurance, significantly increasing the time it took for people to become fatigued.

Spirulina also contains magnesium. Magnesium mineral supports normal daily functions like muscle use and your heartbeat. It’s also responsible for producing protein and creating energy.

Many antioxidants in spirulina have anti-inflammatory effects in the body.

It has the ability to modulate immune functions and exhibits anti-inflammatory properties by inhibiting the release of histamine by mast cells. Multiple studies investigating the efficacy and the potential clinical applications of Spirulina in treating several diseases have been performed and a few randomized controlled trials and systematic reviews suggest that this alga may improve several symptoms and may even have an anticancer, antiviral and antiallergic effects.

Phycocyanin — the a plant pigment that gives spirulina its blue-green color — has been found to not only reduce inflammation in the body, but also block tumor growth and kill cancer cells. The immune-enhancing protein is being studied for its potential in cancer treatment.


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